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what is procore

Additionally, once you sign up for the software, customer support comes with the subscription without an additional cost. That’s a big plus, since many developers charge extra or don’t offer it at all. You can track individual files and folders, and you receive an email whenever they are updated or deleted. And you can navigate this feature easily by going to “items you’re tracking” which shows exactly what it says. You may also create private folders that only people with specific permissions can see. If the standard construction management platform just doesn’t cut it anymore, and you need a lot more capability and customization, Procore is a top choice.

Procore’s pricing

Procore Technologies is an American construction management software as a service company founded in 2002, with headquarters in Carpinteria, California. Pricing for Procore depends on the products you need and the amount of construction you do. The more projects you run through Procore, the more value you receive from the software in terms of cost savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains. We charge an upfront annual fee by product and based upon your Annual Construction Volume (ACV) – the aggregate dollar value of the construction work across your projects.

Stay ahead of your projects.

With Procore’s flexibility and functionality, you can submit payment applications, monitor the payment status, and track change-orders and approvals while on the job. We are committed to advancing construction (internally and externally) through our focus on people, culture and building a community of Groundbreakers. With Procore, you can store as many electronic files as needed without any additional costs—making it a great option for construction projects with extensive documentation. You can import any type of document, such as contracts, blueprints, or reports, without worrying about limitations on file size. The way you build, the things you build, and the size of your teams is unique. That’s why, our platform is powerful enough to help you connect your entire project lifecycle with our full suite of products and integrations.

What Is Procore Construction Software?

For instance, you can use various types of visuals, such as bars, donuts, lines, and stacked bars. After creating the dashboard, you can share it with other report admins and members if needed. In the image below, you’ll see how bill data from subcontractors and vendors is transferred from Procore to QuickBooks. If you work with vendors and subcontractors (“downstream collaborators” in Procore), you can grant access to them so that they can create and send you bills. Your downstream collaborators can create bills using the Commitments tool in Procore.

what is procore

We build the technology that moves the industry forward.

For instance, small businesses on a tight budget may find Procore’s custom pricing model challenging. Additionally, businesses looking for a more straightforward tool may find Procore’s extensive features overwhelming. In such cases, consider alternatives like, Autodesk Construction Cloud and Jobber. Procore’s reporting feature provides insights into your projects, helping you make data-driven decisions. The platform offers customizable reports and dashboards, allowing you to track key performance indicators. You can monitor project performance, track productivity and analyze trends, all from a single platform.

The software uses revision control, so all members can access only the most up-to-date document versions. For instance, project WBS codes, such as cost codes and cost types in Procore, are equivalent to service-type items in your QuickBooks products and services list. Companies in Procore are transferred to QuickBooks Online as vendors, while vendor bills in QuickBooks Online are pushed into Procore as subcontractor invoices or commitment invoices. Take control of construction outcomes, minimise risk and protect profits with Procore’s top-rated construction management platform. Procore runs on any desktop, laptop, and mobile device that has access to a wifi connection.

what is procore

We believe the construction industry will be better if we do our part to serve the people in it. We hire top talent and invest in their success so you get the best of the best on your team, from engineering to support. We may be growing, but we’re dedicated to our culture and keeping Procore human — you can call and talk to a real person anytime. We’ve built a product that puts people at its core — it’s built for the way you actually build, so it’s intuitive and enables all your teams to work better together.

Webinars are designed to provide thought leadership and best practices to help you and your team learn more about Procore and the construction industry in general. Gain real-time insight into the financial health of your projects with cost management that connects project and site teams to accounting. Our recently released 2022 Procore Customer ROI Report shows that our average customer can take on 48% more construction volume per person than previous means. That’s just for the construction project management version of the software. If you want the financial management side as well, it will cost you $549/month (again, on an annual contract). Procore has become the industry leader with highly-ranked user reviews because of its user-centric interface.

You can set due dates, track progress (Figure A) and send reminders to ensure tasks are completed on time. This feature helps keep everyone accountable and ensures that all tasks, from minor to major, are tracked and managed effectively. The task management feature is integrated with the rest of the platform, allowing for tasks to be linked with relevant documents, drawings, or other project data. It’s an advanced tool that aims to turn a well-run construction business into a top-tier operation. You will not lack for features with this software, which explains why Procore is arguably the biggest name in construction management software. Fortunately, those prices include unlimited users, unlimited documents, photos, data, and full customer support.

We are accelerating the construction industry today, with a vision for the future. We set out to connect every stakeholder, all our products, and project data on a single platform. This means everyone from Owners to General Contractors to Specialty Contractors — from the field to the office — is looking at the same reliable information. That’s why we build to connect and include innovative technologies Binance cryptocurrency exchange like AI, machine learning, robotics, drone technology through our App Marketplace and ecosystem with open APIs and data. We offer flexible customizations and integrations on a secure and trusted network with unlimited storage for our customers. While Procore offers a comprehensive suite of features for construction project management, it may not be the best fit for all businesses.

If you notice that the Procore mobile application is taking up too much storage on your device, you can follow the steps below to remove the saved data from your device. It is important to note that clearing cached data does not remove the items from Procore, it only clears them from your device’s memory. Yes, Procore is cloud-based, and you can access the software and your files anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. The ability to manage projects, create estimates, and coordinate with field members is important for construction companies. Procore earned perfect marks in our analysis because of its robust reporting and data analytics tools.

If your project is divided into phases, the subjob group allows you to organize line items based on these project phases. You can group line items by the division of work, such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Another notable feature of Procore is the punch list tool, which helps you easily locate and resolve issues in your construction projects. The system allows you to punch right into the project documents—meaning you can mark and document issues on the current project plans or drawings directly.

  1. Procore’s timecard management feature allows you to track and manage your team’s hours (Figure C) directly within the platform.
  2. While it doesn’t offer all the features available within each module in the desktop interface, it provides the essential tools needed by most modern contractors.
  3. That’s a big plus, since many developers charge extra or don’t offer it at all.
  4. For instance, small businesses on a tight budget may find Procore’s custom pricing model challenging.
  5. Procore integrates with Viewpoint® Spectrum® and Viewpoint® Vista™ ERP software at a company-wide level.

Procore took a slight hit in our rubric because the integration can’t be set up directly in QuickBooks. However, it’s not necessarily a major drawback since Procore has a built-in connector with QuickBooks Online. This means you can still transfer data between the two systems without having to rely on a third-party connector or manual data entry. If you are focused only on the accounting side of your business, check out our top-recommended construction accounting software. This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies.

Another reviewer who is a senior project manager commended the reporting feature, which helps them track the progress of the many different projects they handle. What differentiates Procore from other construction software solutions is that we are a true platform. With Procore’s seamless platform, nothing falls through the cracks and surveyed customer respondents who agree Procore helps reduce rework reported an average reduction of 16%. If you have no budget constraints and require a unified system for managing various construction workflows, Procore is an excellent choice. It offers all the necessary tools and features you need, instead of having to learn and use multiple separate systems for tasks like scheduling, project management, invoicing, and budgeting. Further, you can integrate Procore with QuickBooks to strengthen its invoicing features and sync your operational and financial data between the two platforms.

But that data is isolated across different tools and systems that don’t talk. A true, connected platform like Procore brings all that data into one app so you have access and insight into what’s really happening on any job. Procore’s timecard management feature allows you to track and manage your team’s hours (Figure C) directly within the platform.

The best part is that you will be assisted by a Procore point of contact throughout the integration process. Your point of contact will work with your administrator closely to set up and customize the integration based on the exact needs of your business. Procore lost points in this category as the pricing details are not publicly disclosed by the provider. While it doesn’t necessarily imply that the software is expensive, the overall cost can be potentially steep since each integrated module must be purchased separately. Course curriculum is based upon your company type and job role (e.g. Project Manager, Superintendent, Architect, etc.). Browse our different course catalogs to find the course that best fits your learning objectives.

Provide industry training on the most recent topics in the construction industry. Choose from a variety of topics from Construction Forecasts for the current year to submittal best practices. From there, you can log in to Procore and access the new company account or project you have been added to.

All the crucial data sourced from the takeoff are integrated into the final estimate. You may just need to adjust the labor units, material prices, and profit margins and you’ll have a proposal ready to send to a potential or existing customer. When I requested a Procore software pricing quote by completing the questionnaire on its website, I didn’t receive a quotation.

Using Procore’s built-in time tracking tool, Timecard, team members can record the number of hours they spend on project tasks. A timecard entry captures essential information, including the cost code, time type, and the number of hours. When working with customer invoices, Procore organizes line items using grouping options.

And, we donate our software and support to universities and non-profits to equip the next generation of builders for the modern construction site. The best way to use Procore on a job site is by installing our mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. Stay in-sync with your project team at all times regardless of whether you’re in the office or on a job site. You can even work in offline mode where all of your data automatically syncs with Procore once a network connection is re-established. Procore is cloud-based construction management software that works with nearly every tool your company uses.

This ebook supports industry leaders in selecting an integrated platform for streamlined digital transformation. Connect, learn, inspire and grow your online community with Groundbreakers like you around the world. See how Procore makes construction safer, more connected, and more efficient.


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